• Prime location on the eastern coast of Sri Lanka, away from industrial sites, and facing the vast Indian Ocean.
  • Rapidly expanding tourism industry in Sri Lanka has seen tourist receipts more than double in four years to US$3.9bn in 2017.
  • Supportive policies promote the growth of the tourism industry, with a strategic plan to establish Sri Lanka as a high-value destination.
Population 21.4 million
Land Area 65,610 km2
GDP US$81.3 billion
    Services 62%
    Industry 30%
    Agriculture 8%
Net FDI Inflow US$898 million
Business Set Up 9 days
Tourist Arrivals 2.1 million
Tourist Receipts US$3.9 billion
  • The Eastern Province is rich in national parks, forest reserves, coastal dune systems, and lagoons that have high potential for developing nature tourism.
  • There exists huge opportunities for the development of various niches of marine based tourism in the Eastern Province, some of which have potential for becoming internationally significant, including whale and dolphin watching, reef diving and wreck diving.
  • The Eastern Province has a number of ethnic groups including Dutch and Portuguese Burghers, Malays, Wanniya-Iaeto and Gypsies, as well as a large number of cultural and religious sites which can sustain both national and international tourism.
  • A prime area of land in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka of approximately 717 hectares
  • The land parcel lines a 6km stretch of pristine beaches facing the Indian Ocean
  • As the industrial areas and commercial centres of Sri Lanka are traditionally located away from the Eastern Province, its natural landscapes are untouched and free from pollution
  • The lack of large settlements in the vicinity provide seclusion and exclusivity, but road connections and a nearby domestic airport ensure that the area remains easily accessible
    • Envisioned as an integrated hospitality masterplan
    • Luxurious waterfront resort and residential development
    • World class marina to handle super yachts
    • Highlights:
        Super Luxury 5* Resort - 300 Keys
      • 5* All suite - 200 Keys
      • 4* - 300 Keys
      • 3* - 300 Keys
      • 3* serviced apartments - 300 Keys
      • High end 5-6 bed villas
      • Club house for high end villas
      • Residential community fronting fresh water lake
      • Boat House concept - 2 storey
      • Villas on stilts projecting over water
      • Large Decks over the water
      • Pitched roofs
      • Villa clustered into one block of 3,5 or single units
      • Convention Centre to host fashion events
      • Fashion Design Institute